Our Story

As a stay-at-home mother of 4 rambunctious boys, I needed a way to bridge the gap of my entrepreneurial spirit and my need to be home with my kids.  Children have always had a special place in my heart and I have always had a great love and passion for jewelry.  This led me to create a unique children’s jewelry company that delights and brings joy to children and allows me to do what I love most.  

Cherished Moments was founded in 2004 as a fulfillment of this dream.  It has given me the opportunity to raise my family while bringing joy and sparkle to the lives of many little girls.  

As the company grew, we decided to locally source our hand-made items giving other moms the opportunity to work from home while providing for their families.  We proudly provide employment to these amazing women who have become skilled artisans creating top-quality keepsakes.  This has been a blessing to both us and them. 

We wanted our jewelry to be special but affordable and chose to design timeless quality jewelry to link families through meaningful heirlooms as well as jewelry that could be worn and cherished daily.  Pieces such as our Baptism to Bride bracelet are created to be handed down and cherished from to generation to generation. 

We have recently started engraving our pieces making the jewelry extra special and meaningful with a personal sentiment, name or date engraved with our high quality diamond-tip engraver.

 We hope you’ll shop with us for treasures such as rings, earrings, charm necklaces, and bracelets.  We invite you to celebrate your special occasions as well with one of our treasured pieces. 

 Beaded Jewelry is Made in the USA