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We're so happy that you are looking into Cherished Moments Keepsake Jewelry and Accessories line.  We will do everything to the best of our ability to make you happy and successful with our line!  

We are always available to help you put an order together with current best-sellers and products that will work best for YOUR store or answer any questions you may have.

Wholesale Territory Policies

We do our best to support trade area protection for our retailers.   The following are the guidelines we use when granting or canceling trade area protection:

Minimum 5 mile radius of your store.

No more than one boutique in towns with populations below 20,000.

We are happy to sell to locations with less than 1,000 sf of retail sales floor as long as they don't infringe on a brick and mortar store trade area. These locations, however, will not be granted an exclusive territory. These locations may lose their ability to sell our product should a traditional "bricks and mortar" store be approved that is located within 5 miles of said location.

"Big Box" Retail is considered a different Class of Trade and sales thru such stores are not subject to Trade Area Policies.

You must order a minimum of $1500 annually to keep your territory exclusive.

The cancellation of any purchase order by a customer may result in the revocation of that store's territory protection.

  • $250 opening order / reorders $150 minimum

  • FREE store display (one per store with minimum purchase).  An order of $350 qualifies for a 3-shelf fixture and $450 order a 6-shelf fixture.
    • Our goal is to ship within 48 hours.  Gift shows may effect shipping times on a short term basis.  

    • Our line is not available to be sold on Amazon.
    • Please complete the section below to request a wholesale account.

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