12-Piece Mood Ring Assortment (Square)

  • $425.00
Sterling silver square mood ring set with display and 12 boxes.  Ring changes colors indicating your current mood. This makes a fun ring for kids, girls, teenagers, and women showing moods from happy and content to feeling nervous and anxious. This high-quality ring ring is rhodium plated to prevent tarnish for everlasting quality and is available in sizes 4-8 and set includes assorted sizes. (industry standard sizing). This is a 12-piece set with free ring display and 12 black velvet heart-shaped gift boxes for each ring in the set.

💙 A mood ring is a ring that contains a thermochromic element, such as liquid crystal, that changes colors based upon the temperature of the finger of the wearer. The mood ring was created in 1975 by two New York inventors, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats, who bonded liquid crystals with quartz stones set into rings.

💙 Your mood is correlated with your body temperature. A person’s normal body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C). When you are stressed or cold blood is directed to the internal organs and away from the skin and the mood ring will turn a darker color. If you are happier or feeling passionate the crystal will twist in another direction and start to change color as your body temperature increases. Therefore there is a correlation with mood and your body temperature so to some degree a mood ring can show your emotion.

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