5 Ideas for Finding that Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids

5 Ideas for Finding that Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids




Delight them with Gifts that will bring JOY!




It’s the holidays, and we all know what that means.  Hours of scouring stores and endless websites to find the perfect gift for those we love.  We want our gifts to be meaningful, memorable and above all else, suited to our unique recipients. We want gift giving Nirvana.  That moment when our loved one opens the gift, their eyes light, a smile spreads across their face and we know we have achieved perfection. 

Here are 5 ideas for finding that perfect gift.

  1. Create a Memory: 

Telling stories and sharing moments and memories can create and strengthen family ties for generations.  These are the moments we will remember.  Times shared with loved ones become treasured keepsakes for generations, links that bond us to those around us.  Sisters sweetly sharing the memory of the Christmas they received their first pearls.  Cousins sharing their excitement as they giggle over birthstone necklaces with special character trait charms.  Mother and daughters proudly showing their connection as they don matching Mom and me bracelets.  These are the memories that bind us together.






  1. Make a New Tradition:

Traditions help us to know we belong.  They give us identity and can be a special part of any holiday celebration.  Consider making a new tradition this year.  A small round keepsake box, engraved with the words “Reasons I Love you” and filled with paper sentiments personal to the receiver could be refilled year after year.  A charm with the year engraved on the front and a single descriptive word placed on the reverse can become a bracelet celebrating the triumphs and trials of a lifetime.




     3. Think Small:

I Love Surprises!  Think of the saying  “Good things come in small packages”.  A small, unexpected gift tucked in the toe of a stocking or nestled in the branches of the Christmas tree, are sure to bring a smile of joy or squeal of pleasure from your special someone.  It doesn’t have to be big to delight and amaze.  A Mood Ring with its magical colors, a birthstone ring in her special month or sparkly earrings to wear with her Christmas dress can all evoke unexpected Holiday magic




      4. Commemorate the year:

    Did your special little someone start Ballet this year?  Did she discover the magic of Unicorns or maybe she became a Big Sister.  These special milestones all deserve recognition and what better time then as the year comes to a close to remember all those landmark events. A Charm bracelet with charms you individually pick to symbolize her accomplishments, hobbies or adventures, may be the perfect choice.    




    1. Personalize It!

    Show ‘em you know ‘em!  We all love to receive gifts that are meant just for us!  Tell your special someone how much they mean to you by giving a personalized gift.  Whether a jewelry box with a sweet sentiment to tell them they are constantly on your mind or a gold cuff bracelet engraved with their name, a personalized gift is sure to enchant and be treasured for years to come. 




    Nothing compares to the magic and sparkle of the Holidays!  Remember, that the most important element in the perfect gift is the love of the giver.  We wish you all the best this holiday season and thank you for letting us be a part of the special moments and memories you are creating.



    Merry Christmas,


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